Weddings by the Numbers by The Knot Magazine


Curious about how other couples are getting hitched?  The Knott polls their readers every year to find out about the traditions you’re keeping, tossing and transforming.

97% of couples live together before getting married

41% propose with an engagement ring, 60% of those are formal proposals, 71% is a surprise

Average engagement length 15 months

50% split wedding planning responsibilities 20% hire a wedding planner

83% have other pre-post wedding events, 39% wedding shower, bachelor(ette)party, couple party engagement party.  25% rehearsal dinner, welcome party, 37%after party-day after brunch

attire 16% of female couples and 49% of male couples wear matching outfits

91% of couples know what one another is wearing in advance.

wedding Season:  December, January February 10%, March, April, May 17%, June, July, August 38% September, October, November 35%

Decor Styles: :  Modern and Sleek 23%, Casual and Unique 56%, classic and traditional 21%

47% walk down the aisle

78 guest on average,,,49% of couples write their own vows, 42% tie religion into their ceremony

event breakdown; 11% only have a ceremony, 72% have a ceremony and reception, 6% simply host a reception and 6% elope

63% of couples go on a honeymoon,  53% keep given names, 24% one of us is changing our name to the others, 15% were hyphenating and using both names, 2% combining names into a whole new last name, 2% creating an entirely new last name

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