Secrets From Real Couples

the knot

I found this article in The Knot magazine and wanted to share it with you.  This is advice from couples who were recently married.

  1.  Decide on a cutoff date for all DIY-relatd crafts, and at that point, either delegate it or forget about it.
  2.  Stick together.  You can easily get pulled away from one another, but know that guest’s want to see you and your spouse together, thats why the are there.
  3. Number your invitations: Someone always forgets to put their name on their RSVP so knowing that number each guest has saves you a lot of time.
  4. Its worth getting ready at your house the morning of the wedding.  We had nothing to stress about since we couldn’t forget anything at home.
  5. Consider hiring a second photographer.  Having two cameras allowed us to see the same moments from different vantage points.
  6. Don’t tell anyone about your engagement for one full day.  Give yourself 24 hours to focus on your new Fiance’ without getting distracted and interrupted by phone calls, text from your well wishers.


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