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I have been working with Lillian of Chameleon Imagery for years.  She is a great photographer and friend.   She is located in St. Charles but travels all over the St. Louis area.   The name of her business is derived from her family nickname ‘Lillian Chameleon”.

Lillian started her professional photography career in 2011.  Lillian is very good at getting all the “standard shot’s” but also captures many “candid shots”.  She always comes with backup equipment and arrives early and eager to get to work capturing all your great moments.

Lillian will meet with you in person if you live in the St. Louis area for your consultation. She will show you samples of her work.  If you do not live in the St. Louis area, she will speak with you on the phone.  You can contact Lillian by email at           Facebook at: Chameleon Imagery or call her at: 636-328-1515

I asked Lillian, ‘what are questions any couple should ask a potential photographer’ ?  Here are her questions for you:

1. Are there any photography restrictions due to your ceremony location or religious preference? Many churches have restrictions on what kinds of lighting and how close a photographer can be during your ceremony. Discuss these rules with your photographer before the big day to make sure the come prepared.

2. What’s your weather backup plan for the photos? Discuss with your photographer whether or not you’re opposed to going outside during rain or snow for photos. Most photographers don’t mind being out in a little rain, but they probably want to know if you’re okay with it too! Create a weather backup plan in case of severe conditions.
3. Are there any sensitive situations that might cause awkwardness during family pictures? Aunt Betty and Uncle Bob divorced 10 years ago and haven’t talked since, but you still want both of them in pictures? Totally ok! But let your photographer know so they don’t pose them right next to each other.
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