Poems for Loved Ones in Heaven

I have many couples who have loved ones who are in heaven.  They want to make sure they are included in the wedding ceremony.  I have a moment of silence passages and a few poems that you can incorporate into your ceremony.  These are just a few to choose from.

Poem 1:
Today we remember
that loved ones are missing today,
Ones our hearts hold on to,
As we travel along life’s way.
Loves ones who made life so special,
for all those who gather here,
Ones who won’t be forgotten,
But cherished from year to year.
And now as we pause to remember,
Let us all fondly recall,
how dearly each of us loved them,
and oh… how they loved us all!

Poem 2
Although we can not see you
We know you are here
Smiling down
Watching over us
As we say “I Do.”
Forever in our hearts
Forever in our lives
Is where you’ll always stay.
We will think of you in silence
As we say our vows today

Poem 3
“Though their smiles are gone forever,
And their hands I cannot touch,
I have so many memories of a Mom & Dad I love so much.
Their memories are my keepsake,
With which I’ll never part.
God has them in his keeping,
I have them in my heart.”

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