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Small Weddings-BIG Memories

Small Weddings – Big Memories
I have been officiating weddings for over 3 years.  I have noticed a new trend in the “wedding business” ,,,,, smaller weddings.

Perfect Elopements may be a new name, but it’s actually an all-star team of well established and respected St. Louis/St. Charles wedding vendors who’ve teamed up to provide couples with an amazing wedding experience at a fantastic price. Their packages, which range from $395 to $895, are very complete and include an officiant, a high end professional photographer, and great extra touches.

You don’t have to leave town to elope. An “elopement” is really just a very small wedding. You can elope to Forest Park, to Mid Rivers gazebo, Faust Park….or even the riverfront. There are a lot of beautiful places right here in town that don’t cost a dime.

But, seriously, $395 for a wedding with an officiant and a good photographer? Yes! Naturally you’re not going to get the equivalent of a $50k Saturday wedding with 250 guests, but what you do get is a beautiful ceremony, really good photography, and classy extra touches. It’s so affordable because they are very short, the “guest list” is kept very small, most are done on a weekday. Often you’re at a location that’s completely free as well, so that can save a ton right there.

Even if your wedding is small, you just owe it to yourself to get some beautiful images of the event – after all, it’s still a very, very special day in your life. Find out more at or me at 314-704-1092.

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