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Why your venue’s “Wedding Coordinator” is NOT the same as a private Day-of Coordinator

This is a guest blog by Victoria Burrows and she owns A Brides Ally.

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Why your venue’s “Wedding Coordinator” is NOT the same as a private Day-of Coordinator (i.e. A Bride’s Ally)

“Well, my venue has a Wedding Coordinator, so I don’t see why I would need day-of services.”

I get that a lot.

But, let me start off by saying that I’m not writing this to bash on those who work as Wedding Coordinators for venues. In fact, I love them. They make my job A LOT easier. However (and they would probably be the first ones to tell you this), they do not do the same job I do. Allow me to explain:

Venues use the term “Wedding Coordinator” very, very loosely.

The title does not mean the same thing at all venues. Sometimes the Wedding Coordinator is just the staff manager assigned to the event, sometimes it’s the catering captain, and sometimes that Wedding Coordinator you’ve been planning with this whole time doesn’t even come to your wedding because he or she is really a sales person and not part of the staff who actually works your wedding. (Close your mouth – yes, that really is the case sometimes.)

Again, none of these are bad things, it’s just the way of the wedding world. Some venues have Wedding Coordinators who really do fill the role you think of when you hear that term. However, even those Coordinators can only do so much for you, and here’s why:

Your venue’s Wedding Coordinator’s first responsibility is to the venue; my first responsibility is to you.

Aside from being your “day-of coordinator” this person is typically also in charge of the wait staff, the kitchen, the bartenders, and the maintenance crew. They (usually) have a boss to answer to and a bottom line to always keep in mind. He or she is organizing your wedding and making decisions from the perspective of what’s best for the venue.

For example, he or she can’t make sure the photographer isn’t in the bathroom when the DJ is announcing the first dance because there is a mini crisis in the kitchen. Or, they can’t be responsible for unpacking and setting up your DIY centerpieces because there won’t be enough staff there at that time to cover the extra work and they can’t pay more to come in early and help. Or, they can’t help make sure your elderly grandma gets a ride safely back to hotel because they already left for the night an hour ago. (Yes, you read that right.) Or…well, you get the idea.

If your venue does offer a Wedding Coordinator, be sure to get very detailed information on what exactly that means. Never assume they will be able to manage any and everything you throw at them. And, of course, seriously consider hiring a private Day-of Coordinator who will work alongside your venue’s Wedding Coordinator to make sure your wedding runs smoothly and is free of stress, frustration, and last-minute drama.

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