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Guest Blog: First Look Photos by Jennifer L K. Thompson Photography

Over the past couple years my wife Jen and I have been photographing weddings in St. Louis and the surrounding area. We have seen a lot of trends come and go but one that we really like is the first look. We have noticed that it is such a great opportunity to get candid photos of our couples and for them to a quick moment together.
The tradition has been for the first time that the couple see each other is when the bride is walking down the isle. I found myself needing to coach our grooms to smile and look happy as often the nerves would take over and we got a lot of deer in the headlights looks. I know our couples were excited to see each other but the photos didn’t always seem to show it. We began shooting first looks and we got those beautiful emotional shots of the couple seeing each other and having a moment to reflect on the day.
The way we do first looks may be a little different than most. Jen and I look for a beautiful well lit spot and we clear every one out. We feel its really  important for the couple to have this moment just to themselves. I stand with the groom while Jen gets our bride and then we stand back and have our groom turn around and we capture everything that happens from there. We have seen the stress of the day and nerves melt away. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard our couples say ” okay, now I’m ready.”
The benefits of the first look beyond eliminating some of that stress. The first look can help with the flow of the day with photography. We find that it frees up time before the ceremony to have couple and wedding party photos or even the family formals. It can also eliminate the long break between the ceremony and the reception. We know that most photographers are by the hour and first looks help to get more of those important photos of the bride and groom. If your looking for a great way to get beautiful candid moments between the bride and groom a first look may be the way to go.
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Guest Blog by: Beautiful Celebrations: Why hire a Wedding Planer

Why a Bride would want to hire a wedding planner?
You just got engaged, Congratulations! What now? Where do you begin? You’ve never planned a wedding before and you haven’t been to many weddings to begin with. There are so many details that it’s almost overwhelming! Where and when are you going to find the time to do all of your research and calls?
These questions can be easily answered when you hire a wedding planner. A wedding planner can be a god-send when you work full time or you are a full-time student. A wedding planner can be hired during any part of the wedding planning process. However, it would be a lot of less stressful to hire a wedding planner from the beginning. A wedding planner has already planned many weddings, already knows and works with the best vendors in town, and most importantly, can keep you within your wedding budget.
Once a budget is set in place, the wedding planner will start to get to know who you both are and what your likes and dislikes are. The planner can research venues and vendors for you and schedule all of your appointments. The planner is the liaison between you and the vendor. The planner will help ask questions that you might forget to ask during meetings. Don’t think of the planner as the person who will ‘take over’ your wedding. Think of the planner as merely your guide to help accompany you effortlessly through the planning process.
If you already have your wedding planned but are worried about how the day will unfold, hire a planner! ‘Day of’ wedding planners are becoming more and more popular. Don’t depend on your mother or your sister to take care of all the little details of your wedding. Let them enjoy the day and have the planner take care of the little details and ensure that the day will run smoothly.
When the big day arrives, all you have to worry about is walking down the aisle! The planner will have taken care of all of the details beforehand. Most importantly you will have the planner as your ‘right-hand’ person for anything you may need help with on the big day. Know that your planner will be the background person taking care of all the little details so that you and your family and friends can enjoy the best day ever!
How much is piece of mind worth to you on your most important day of your life?
Written by: Evonne Grabauskas, owner, Beautiful Celebrations, llc.
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